About OneKing

Exalting Jesus through a biblical understanding of God’s work in our generation so that we can partner with His plan for Israel and the nations.

OneKing exists to help give the church understanding of God’s purposes for Israel and the nations so that we can engage in God’s purposes in our generation.

We are living in a unique season of history when there is a global shift in focus back to the region where God first began His work among the nations. Right now the Middle East is ground zero for three very significant issues: God’s purposes for Israel, the challenge of Islam, and the plight of the persecuted church. The events and conflicts that are rising from these three issues have global impact and significance and the global church in the 21st century must be engaged in these issues.

The earth is filled with rapid transition and unprecedented crisis. Political and economic instability is the new normal. Biblical foundations are no longer normal in western culture. At the same time, God is raising up a global worship and prayer movement and accelerating the preaching of the gospel in the nations. These shifts in the earth are going to accelerate in the years ahead providing the church with unprecedented challenges and unprecedented opportunities.

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